About me

Who am I?

Greetings, and thanks for visiting my blog! My name is Dennis Kho, I’m 31 years old and live in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. I have been a Mendix developer since 2014, and am currently employed by implementation partner TimeSeries.

Before embarking on my Mendix journey I worked at Capgemini Financial Services for several years, in a more business-oriented role as Business Analyst. At some point I figured out that the more technical aspects of my job were what excited me. This triggered me to make a switch from the Business Analyst role to one which would involve more development of software. The big question was what direction to move into.

During that period I had the opportunity to explore the possibilities offered by the Mendix platform, through a month-long bootcamp at Mendix HQ in Rotterdam. And that’s where my Mendix journey and excitement for the platform started!

My main goal is to share any tips and tricks that I run into, to document how encountered problems were overcome, and simply share my thoughts and experiences with you

Why this blog?

With this blog I want to share my journey at FlowFabric, working with the Mendix platform, and my thoughts and experiences with you. But most of all, my main goal is to share any tips and tricks that I run into. Documenting encountered problems and how they were overcome is another important way for me to share my experiences. All of this is done, so that everyone out there working with the Mendix platform can have access to these additional resources.

What is Mendix?

In case you’re interested in the possibilities offered by the platform, make sure to visit the Mendix website. There you can find out what’s so great about this platform in reducing time to market for your custom built application.

What can TimeSeries do?

If you are looking for examples and cases of application that can be built and run on the platform, make sure to visit the TimeSeries website. There we have a showcase of several of our clients’ projects.